Get multiple inputs in uipath apps as a collection i.e. as a list or array or datatable

Need help to have Uipath apps to take input as a datatable.Can we use the dispaly control (Custom list) to get inputs to a datatable?if so how? or any other input controls that can be used as collection?


Initially used as separate text boxes for input question and answer.

Instead of using 8 inputs, tried with custom list as below,


While configuring the process in the uipath apps,


Is that custom list only for displaying and not getting input ??


i found a custom input for forms using java script in the below link how can a single submit button take in values to a collection …

Hi @sri24 ,

Were you able to find a suitable solution?? I’m in need of a bit similar solution.

Same problem is there an internal solution?

Libk leads to dead end

@sri24 ,

what’s exact issue you have? Yes you can use data table to bind with table/List/Custom list.