Collections in UiPath Apps

hi all,

iv been playing around with UiPath apps a bit and was beginning to wonder if it is possible to create and work with collections like arrays or dictionaries in UiPath apps studio or if it would be better to do that in UiPath studio and pass the collections back to the app?

At the moment, the best way to work with collections like an array is to create them UiPath Studio and make it available in apps through RPA processes.

Soon we shall have the ability to do the same from App Studio. This is part of our immediate roadmap for Apps.

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yeah that’s what I ended up doing… good to know more features are coming to Apps Studio I found it useful for building interfaces to trigger the bot but limited when I tried to build an app without using a robot.

Yes, Next year we will have integration with data service which will enable to you have apps without a robot as well