Get Mail: Code: generalException (MS Office 365)

I am not able read email and the Get email throws below error.
This happens sometimes, and only when i try to read one specific email which has attachement size of 140 mb.
Outlook365 has maximum attachemnt size limit upto 150 mb ( i read on google)
I tried reading other emails, it worked properly fine, but doesnt work for 1 email ( i mark that email as unread and try to read that), tenant id and application id is correct as i have tested it for more than 100 emails.


Sometimes it shows below error too

I am not querying or filtering the emails and Top values is left blank because unread email is new (always in top 5 from my email folder)

Have you tried the activities in UiPath.Mail.Activities packages? They haven’t let me down yet

I have to use Office365 package as discussed with client
Using Uipath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities