What is size of buffer reading email from "Get Outlook Mail Message" activity

I want to know at a time how many mail can i read at a time from “Get Outlook Mail Message” activity.

I am unable to read 200 email.
But my requirement is reading 400 email from outlook.
I am increasing the time but after all getting same error.

I hope there is no such restriction
It’s all about how many we mention in the TOP property of Get outlook mail activity property panel

May I know what was the error we were facing
Kindly increase the timeoutMS Property in the property panel to 60000 and try once

Cheers @pankajs3

What timeout did you set?
What error are you getting?
There should be no problem with getting as many emails as you wish.

Thanks @Palaniyappan and @olgu
I will try it

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Cheers @pankajs3