Get List items by using Sharepoint

Ok then,
You can go with if condition i.e.
if {
output variable of get list items.rows.count=0
then you can give a log message or in else part if there is a record then give your process what you want to do

I am getting error while executing that GetListItems Activity. Index out of Bounds of Array. How to rectify that. I couldn’t read output value.


Has someone tried getting selected SharePoint list columns data into Excel/CSV file? I tried using SharePointList Custom Activities package but I am getting some SharePoint metadata related columns also.
Also, if we want to get value of Microsoft.SharePoint.FieldUserValue column into Excel then how should we get that? Please help.

Hi Shalini,

I am facing the same issue, anyone can help on this?


Can u try this
Initially you need to take Dictionary output and it needs to looped in for each.
In order to overcome that Microsoft issue you can do this
If you want do print in an excel you need to add a build data table and a for each loop
i hope this can help you