Get IMAP Mail Messages (with Anti Virus enabled)

I have gone through all the 188 results related to the above topic, so I request not to send me the same links. I have spent nearly full day on it:

I am able to get messages if I disable my Anti Virus (Kaspersky), so there is no issue with configuration or port. However, I would not like to disable my AV as it is not a solution, I have already tried installing certificate locally as stated in a few posts. I was able to pinpoint the issue to AV and specifically to Web Antivirus as seen below:

I tried adding Gmail to the list of exclusions however no success.

Can somebody please look into it and suggest some way to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mrkrunaldoshi

It might be tricky to help here, mainly because I have no experience with the Kaspersky Antivirus and its whitelisting possibilities.

I would certainly try to check the logs of the anti-virus/firewall to see if something can be found here. I would also try to whitelist entire UiPath Folder.

Thanks @loginerror!

I was able to resolve the issue by adding to exclusion list on Kaspersky AV as below. I have everything enabled on my AV. I am putting screenshots below, so it can be helpful to other users.

Happy Learning!


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