Facing issue while creating email automation

Hi All,
I am facing some issue while creating some email automation.I use get IMAP mail messages & when i try to run i found below errorEmail Automation Error


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Check if it is blocking in Firewall / Antivirus

Hope this helps


You can check following things as well
1.Try to turn off secure app option from your mail account settings
2.Enable IMAP from your mail account settings

@Harshit_Tanted1 already done the same. But not working still.

firewall/ antivirus is not blocking


For which email are you trying?

Is it enterprise or public like gmail?


@ksrinu070184 It is gmail


Have you done below steps

If not do then it will be working

Mark as solution if this helps


No i haven’t done these steps. Should i do?

After following these steps still not working

Any error?


@ksrinu070184 Not any other error except same error come while doing email automation.