Get IMAP Mail Message login failed error

I am trying to get mail(Outlook Mail) information through the Get imap activity.

It worked fine until yesterday, but after rebooting the computer, I suddenly get a login failure error.
I set the properties like this:

The same error occurs even if you directly input the Email Password without using a variable.

I need help. thank you

I’m on the same situation, after rebooting de computer I has the same message error. “LOGIN FAILED” However, everything is fine, the pass, user, port, server… In fact, I can access manually, I don’t know how to solve this. I updated the package but it still does not work

I am also facing same issue. I reinstalled studio, upgraded and downgraded the packages and still same error. Please let me know if anyone gets a fix

I changed the activity and now I use get outlook messages and it is working, try it that

Thanks to everyone who posted replies.
This phenomenon occurred in the Outlook server.

How did you solve this issue?

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