Email Automation: Outlook Login Failed

While using the activity ,Get IMAP Mail Messages,
Case 1: When using the hardcode Email and Password, NO ERROR
Case 2: But while using the Asset(Credentials), Getting ERROR as LOGIN FAILED

Need help to resolve this issue,
Any help will be appreciated.

Some steps you could do to resolve this issue. As with hard coded values it works, it must mean that there is some issue in using the credential asset. Here are some things you could start with checking:


  • Do you have correct user name and password in the credential asset?


  • Are you fetching the asset with correct name?
  • Are you fetching the asset from correct folder?
  • Are you passing the same username & password variables to the “Get IMAP Mail Messages” activity, that you get from “Get Credential” activity?


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Please print the values that you are retrieving and check As the first step