Get Exhange Mail mesaage is not working sometimes

I need to read the unread emails based on subject. To do this I am using the get exchange mail nessage activity with the below properties. But I dont see much success rate as it is giving 0 emails as output.
Any help would be great and appreciated. Thanks.
Exchange version: Exchange2013
Server: our Outlook server URL
Authentication type: Windows Integrated
Filter expression : “Testing”
OnlyUnreadMessages: True
OrderByDate: Newest first
Top: 100
MailFolder: “Inbox”


Your filter expression looks wrong

It shpuld contain details about what to be filtered also

Please check this on how to use filters


Hi @Harsha_Vemula

Make sure that the Exchange Server URL you provided is correct and accessible. Double-check the URL format and ensure it is valid for your environment.Confirm Exchange version compatibility: Ensure that the Exchange version you specified (Exchange2013) is compatible with the activity. Check the documentation or consult with your system administrator to verify the correct Exchange version to use. Check authentication settings: Ensure that the authentication type is correctly set to “Windows Integrated” if that is the authentication method you are using. Confirm that the account running the robot has the necessary permissions to access the Exchange server and read emails.