GetExchangeMailMessages Activity - No Filter fields under Options

Hi All

I have no fields to filter emails using my “Get Exchange Mail Messages” activity.

I have updated the package version with no luck.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I was hoping to use a filter for efficiency to save going through hundreds/thousands of emails :sweat_smile:

Currently using v20.10.1 but no luck when changing the version.



Hi @Steven_McKeering

Can you check with studio version 22.4.4.

Hi @Steven_McKeering

Can you Update the Studio and Mail package and check it :grinning:

My Configuration

Current Studio Version → 22.4.4

Mail Activity Version →



Hey @Gokul001 and @Tapan_Behera1

Any workarounds for 2020.10?

We aren’t doing an upgrade for a few months :sweat_smile:

Could I do it in reverse like get the email then filter the queue items? :thinking:




Yes @Steven_McKeering

You can try this approach:

Read the mails using Get Exchange mail activity and store in mails variable.

Then use the search query using assign activity

mails= search_query


I will give this a try :slight_smile:

Use the below filter from @Tapan_Behera1 with success.
mails=mails.Where(Function(mail) mail.Subject.ToString.Contains(“sub_contents”)).ToList()

Edit2: Updated My UiPath.Mail package to v1.12.2 and it has been added.

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Is this solution work for you ?

Hey @Aleem_Khan

Yes the mail filter worked for me:
mails=mails.Where(Function(mail) mail.Subject.ToString.Contains(“sub_contents”)).ToList()

But was a bit slow, 8 seconds per email

Updating the package to include the filter expression was much faster (1-3 seconds).

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Can you help me how to make expression do you have any documents ? Please share appreciate you

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