Get Exchange Mail Message Exception Type: JsonSerializationException

Hi Community!

After Updating Exchange 2010 SP2 server an error connection orccured:

Source: Newtonsoft.Json
Message: ISerializable type ‘Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ServiceRequestException’ does not have a valid constructor. To correctly implement ISerializable a constructor that takes SerializationInfo and StreamingContext parameters should be present. Path ‘Error’, line 1, position 3873.
In Send Exchange Mail activity i use autodiscover, login and password.

In outlook connection settings using Exchange Proxy

Windows 7 Professional
UiPath version = 2018.2.6
MailMessagesActivity = 1.3
Json.Net = 12.0.1

Hi @GennadyG

I hope you solved your issue. If not, please contact our Technical Support. They have most likely seen a similar issue and would be able to assist you here.

Hi @loginerror

No, this problem was not solved. Be sure - I’ll write to Technical Support.