Get Exact Date format in Excel

Hi I wanted to get exact date format from my excel but it gives me incorrect data.
I already Check the “Preserve format” in read range activity.

Here is the output.

Here is my date format in excel

Any help?
Thank you in advance


Did this thread help us on this issue


Hi sir, already tried this but its not working.

Go to Design tab → Manage Pacakges → Project Dependencies and there upgrade UiPath.Excel.Activities package and give a try @Vincent_Nuestro

Hi Sir,
heres the output.

it gives me the date and year. but not the months

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Fine is the column set to text in Excel and preserve format property is enabled in studio activity @Vincent_Nuestro

i have a custom date format (mmmm dd, yyyy)


and Yes the preserve format is properly enabled

Pls change the format to text instead of custom and give a try @Vincent_Nuestro

you have to use “Excel application scope” + “read range” (with preserve format) and it will work, output will be same as your excel e.g. “August 16 2021”

dont use the other read range (the output will be “00 16 2021”)

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