How to get the date in excel in date time format

Dear all,

Good day,

i have an excel file which stored the value of deliver to date.

In the excel itself i have set it to be in date format, but when i use write line activity to get the value it will become number like 41322 instead of 23/04/2021.

Can anyone help on this?

I will need to get this in date format so that i can use the if condition to check whether the delivery date is backdate or not and notify user for wrongly input.

pls help.

thank you.

Hi @irene0227 ,

In Read Range activity, tick PreserveFormat option and check again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perform these steps and save the excel, If you read it with UIPath next time , it should be 23/04/2021.

  1. Select the date column e.g. column A

  1. click data → text to columns

  2. click next until you are on this page, select “Text” under column data format and click “Finish”

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