Get Data from Email

Hi everyone,
I am a new UiPath user, i want to get email content and put them into variables.
For example check if email contains the word “test” and count them .
Is it Possible?
Thank you for your help

Of course!
Do you want to check whether email body or subject contains given word?

Use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity for example, output it to the variable : list of mail messages. Then check for all of the items in the list with For Each activity if:
For each mail in MailList:
If ( mail.Subject.Contains(“test”) Or mail.Body.Contains(“test”) ) → count = count + 1.

Reply me, if you need more explanation, screens or simple workflow to see :slight_smile:


Thank you so much it worked.
I have one more question please: C
an i read a pdf content if it is send as an attachment ?
Is it possible in UiPath?

For MailMessage type object use Save Attachments Activity.


Can u please detail your answer?
If i want to count the word test in a pdf attachment sent by email.
Thank you for support

Please try like below. “txt” is the output variable for Read PDF text activity.

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