Read Outlook Sub: and its Content

Hi Team ,
I need a advise to my new project with UIPath. My requirement is as listed below
In Outlook- we will be receive an email with
Subject: Task TASK1067705 has been assigned to group
Content will be
Short description: This is for license
IP address:
requester email:

Requirement is to read email and if the Short description is “This is for license”
Collect the TASK number from Subject ,Servername,IP address and Requester email to a excel file .

Can some one advise if this is possible using Uipath.

Ofcourse, we can do maximum automation in Uipath.

Here are the steps you need to do

  1. Get all the mails from the inbox or whatever folder
  2. Loop through them and check if the body has that particular text
  3. If exists, then get the entire body and use string manipulations to get the required values
  4. Then use write cell activity to write in the excel or build a data table with all the values you will get from the mails
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