Get CV checkbox status

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to check if a checkbox is already marked. The problem is that the application is executed over RDP (as a RemoteApp application).

The CV check activity lets me mark or unmark the checkbox, but I just want to check the status of the item so other actions can be triggered.

Is there a CV way to only get the “status” of the checkbox?

Thank you


Hi @luis_vidal_RPA ,

You can try ‘CV Element Exists’ activity and select the region of the check element.


There are multiple options here

  1. You can try with IMAGE EXISTS activity where capture the checked image and get the output as boolean

  2. Or you can try with Cc activity itself with CV Elements Exists activity which searches for a specified UI element on the screen in the foreground by using the UiPath Computer Vision neural network and returns a Boolean variable that states whether it was found or not

Hope this helps

Cheers @luis_vidal_RPA