State of checkboxes and radio buttons using CV

How to get the state of check boxes and radio buttons using computer vision/image activities.
I’m capturing screens of an RDP, need to check in few check boxes and have to skip if already checked in.


Check with Image Exists or Get attribute activities.

CV doesn’t yet detect the state of checkboxes and radiobuttons, but we’re working on it and it’s coming.

In the meantime, you can use ImageExists to check state.
GetAttribute doesn’t work, it’s only applicable on local desktop apps.


I have tried ImageExists captured the image with the check box checked. It doesn’t return false if the check box is unchecked, then tried by changing the accuracy to 1.0 but for the match(checked and unchecked) it returned false.
Do you have any suggestion

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Try a value in between, maybe around 0.9

Also make sure the image that is being searched is as tight as possible around the checkbox