Get current position of a mouse cursor and left click

I want to use the monitor event function to manually click on a hyperlink and get its URL either to clipboard or to a data table.

Another word, I want to click on any link on a webpage using my mouse and get the link to the clipboard of data table.

May I know if anyone has a solution? Thank you very much


Good afternoon,

Are these links in a structured format? Or are they in random locations on the website?

If it is structured data then you could use a scrape data activity and see if gives the links. If a right click is still needed to extract the hyperlink, you could build a loop with a click activity inside that uses a dynamic selector built from the scraped table.

Thank you Joseph. To be more precise it’s a online store and I want to get the links of the products. So yes it’s structured format.

May I know how to build a dynamic selector ?


Take for example we wanted to extract links from a google search “amazon”

But we want to not only take this link but all the links on the first page.
To get the format format for the dynamic selector we would get the selector for the first item as follows

Then we use an assign activity and create a string variable dynamic Selector (or any other name that makes sense for your workflows)

and on the other side we want to make it dynamic by changing the aaname to a variable (this can be done for any part of the selector depending on your needs)

This allows for dynamic changing of different pieces of our selector

In your case you could screen scrape the structured data into a datatable and then create a for loop where it left clicks on each element and gets the data and places it into another column of your datatable. Iterate through the existing data table and replace the dynamic selector each time with the next item in your table. Just a simple example, if you have any another questions or need more clarification let me know!

Or is there a way to let my mouse click at its current location when I press a hot key? So that I can manually move my cursor to the product I want to get. And program a right click on the “copy link URL” option in the dropdown menu.

I am unsure of a way to do this, since most automation aims to be fully automated by a computer or waits for a users confirmation that things have gone correctly. If you are going to be fully attending the computer as well as moving the mouse is there a specific reason you need a hotkey instead of just clicking yourself?

Oh ic. It does make sense. Let me rephrase my question.

Is there a way to allow me to Manually click the product image and gets its product URL to the clipboard and process the link in the clipboard subsequently?

The current situation is that the product URL i want to collect is among many other listings. So I want to manually select the product followed by auto processing the URL using uipath.

The current manual process I do is this:

  1. Find product by eye.
  2. right click to copy it’s URL.
  3. Open an excel to paste it in.

I want to automate step 2 and 3