Get Chrome Downloads Location


I am trying to do the following:

  • Open Browser
  • Go to: “chrome://settings/downloads”
  • Get Text activity:
<wnd app='chrome.exe' cls='Chrome_WidgetWin_1' title='Settings - Google Chrome' />
<ctrl name='Settings' role='document' />
<ctrl name='C:\*' role='text' />
  • Store Output in a variable

But I;m getting the error: Could not find UI element corresponding to selector. Search failed at selector tag ctrl name = C:*

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Take one assign activity

strDownloads = "chrome://settings/?search=downloads"

Take one open browser activity and pass the strDownloads

Now use get text activity and make the selector dynamic

And stored it in to a variable


How do you make the selector dynamic?
I believe it is already dynamic by searching for “C:*”


Try in this way

In cv we have to pass the API Key which we can get it from orchestrator…



Try this


I tried this but it didn’t work … I’ve tweaked the selector but still can’t quite get it to work.
I want to get the text that has the filepath “C:\Users\My Name\Downloads”

@HMJason , try this
Testprocess.xaml (9.1 KB)
Use get attribute activity, Uncheck the name of Location

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