Selectors from chrome (?)

Hello to all.
is it possible to use the information that chrome shows like in

<h2 class="VnOHwf-Tvm9db YVvGBb" tabindex="0" role="button" style=""><div jscontroller="fsPA8c" jsaction="rcuQ6b:rcuQ6b;RwVyRc:rcuQ6b;" jsmodel="AKq4rd" data-hide-no-grade="true" data-user-id="75858266951" data-controller-loaded="true" class="YVvGBb" soy-skip="" ssk="6:hOyYKc">96,67%</div></h2>

I only want the value (in this case 96,67%) which is diferent from page to page.
I used uiexplorer but could not found the “right” tag that would give me that value…
or asking in another way:
is it possible to use what chrome show to use as a selector?
or in another way:
is it possible to use the tag: ssk=“6:hOyYKc” to get the value?
thank you to all


Is it possible to share the web site you are referring to so that i am able to share my thoughts on how we can dynamically use selectors to extract the desired value. thanks.


The selector options can be made visible by opening your selector in the UI explorer:

Here you see a view of it from this page, in chrome, specifically the bookmark button on top of the page.

The checkboxes on the right are the properties you can use for identifying your element. (There are a few other methods, but lets start with the basics).

To read the element, use a ‘Get Text’ activity. If you want to know the values of internal attributes, , like the ‘ssk=“6:hOyYKc”’ use the ‘Get Attribute’ activity. This can feed back most of the properties listed in the property section of the UI explorer:

thank you very much…

site is but you must be a teacher to see what i see.

but to be a teacher you can go to: and choose teacher. i’ll wait for you

thank you so must!!!