Get Attribute: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Hi, I face a problem with the selector for Get Attribute in a Do While activity. The robot should recognize a pop-up window in the browser. He should check, if the pop-up window is still there every 30 seconds. Once the pop-up disappears, he should continue with the process. While the pop-up window is showing, the table in the background is getting the data. The problem is, that the robot is not able to recognize the pop-up window. Before the do While activity I already included an element exist activity for this pop-up window and this is working fine with the same selector. I guess that the selector changes or cannot be recognized by the robot after a while, because I am not able to indicate the pop-up after a while. This pop-up window is shown for 5-15 minutes and has to be recognized every 30 seconds. Do you have an idea how I can change the selector to work reliably?

Get Attribute: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:


Hello @MaryspaceX

In the attribute src, can you put the * after the 8080?


Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I tried your suggestion and now the selector is not valid anymore.

Can you please share the selector.


This is my selector, when I added your suggestion

Why not just use Check App State and set it to “disappears?” Waiting for something to appear/disappear is literally what the activity is designed for.

Is it a mandatory attribute? If you remove src from selector is it getting valid??


Hi @postwick , I already thought about this activity, but it seems, that the robot can not always recognize this pop-up window. Same as with element exists and get attribute. E.g. the pop-up is there for 8 minutes. Between minutes 3-4 the robot thinks, that the pop-up disappeared, but it is still there and he wants to go on with the process which is not working.

The screenshot shows a part of the webpage. The data behind the pop-up window is being replaced, while the pop-up up window is loading.

Yes, thats the browser page, which is mandatory to recognize. It gets unvalid if I remove it.

Here what about the cancel button? Are you able to wait for the cancel button to disappear?


That is also not working. I face the same issue as with running query.