Selectors only become valid when when I click on UiElement?

I have to get the attribute of the edit icon button which is something like “ext-id-134”

I am using the Get-attribute activity:

I must first manually click on the textbox field surrounding the button icon and then use the Get-Attribute activity for it to work.As you can see in the image above compare to the first image.

So i made the robot click on it first and then do the GetAttribute activity.

But it can’t find the edit button icon. However when I click on it manually then the selectors become available.If I refresh the page and have the robot click on the textbox field it does not work, I have to manually click it.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


Well I think it will be useful to use the image uiexplorer,

why don’t you provide us the details of it, that way I will be able to see if the selector you are using is including the div for the button you are trying to click


Hi there @michaelamay0

Can you give me what application you are working on? (Seems like a web app)

Sometimes there will be a ‘hover’ event coded into it, and untill you do that the uielement will not be available for activation/clicking.

So you can use the following activities in succession (unless it is a iFrame in flash) Hover, Set focus and then simulate a click (if simulate doesnt work then g with default)

Also, it doesnt hurt to check your selectors once before and after the click event and optimize them.