Get Asset

Getting the error: Loading asset LastLoginIdentityFolders failed: Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code: 1100

See screenshot:

Has all the permissions for an asset.

Hi @Nenna_Anya

Kindly refer below thread

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Hi @Nenna_Anya ,

Could you try removing the forward slash at the beginning of your OrchestratorFolderPath and try once more?


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Ashwin A.K

give a try on following options:

OCIO/Lastlog ....


./OCIO/Lastlog ....

taken from:

I have tried with nd without the leading forward slash. It still does not work.

Can you try selecting the folder from UiPath?


but you ensured following:
permissions to the folder is set
Studio feed is correctly configured:
not Default, but the folder of interest

@Nenna_Anya It looks like there is something wrong with the folder path

Try to give like below format
Starting folder/ Sub folder from where you want to get asset

Ex: Finance / Account Payable