Generic Value not availalble



When I create a variable I don’t have the option to set the variable type to ‘Generic Value’, its not in the drop-down list. I assume this is because I have ‘strict on’ so how do I turn it on/off ?


Hi @Terryg,

I think this is an issue with variable scope, You can try creating a new variable of type ‘Generic Value’ (Using Create Variable of type ‘Generic Value’). But, if you are looking to change an existing variable say of type String - You can change it using the drop-down present in variables pane ensure you are checking for the container with the right scope.


The drop down is just the main and recently-used variable types. You can try “Browse for types” at the bottom and search for “generic”, then look for the type you need. Looks like the full type is UiPath.Core.GenericValue


Thanks ClaytonM - That helps!

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I had the same issue as @Terryg (. If you look for generic in the ‘Browse for types’ there are 2 versions the ‘core’ and the ‘framework’.

You actually helped me with a problem with for each loops (break not working) as I was using the ‘framework’ version of the ‘for each’ which didn’t have break capability rather than the core version.

I’m not sure if there are any differences between the framework and core versions of GenericValue but in general should we always use the ‘core’ version if there are multiple versions of an activity?