Not all generic types could be Resolved error message

I am facing the following issue on selecting the List.
Do you have any idea how can we resolve this?

Hi @nashrahkhan

What is your UiPath Studio version?

Actually, see here:

I have checked that. Implemented that and now its working but not providing the desired result. It is giving the type name of the list.

Try adding an index to your list variable, like so:

I tried this. It is only bringing one value instead of multiple values.

To iterate over all values, you should use the For Each activity with the argument type set to String :slight_smile:

Do you have any solution that how can we resolve the shown error message?
As later I have to entirely deal with the list, I guess alternatives will make the job tough.

I have found the solution of it.
Sometimes Generic types get overloaded. So just restart your Uipath studio or change your working file folder. This will help you out to use GENERIC TYPES next time without any error.

Thank you

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