Generic API Requests Via Integrations

So I want to use the Integrations more, but they are super buggy and miss a bunch of features.
For example, just using the ServiceNow integration, I cannot download attachments cause of an arbitrary file limit and because it forces me to save the file in the temp folder and cannot handle special characters in the filename for some reason, elsewhere certain filtering doesn’t work on complex field types, resulting in an error, and I cannot close a ticket because the Update Record activity does a PATCH request, but to close a ticket you need to use a PUT request.

As a result I have been forced to mix in some generic HTTP requests inbetween these buggy activities meaning I need to also have assets etc for the URL and authentication. I hate doing this.

Please please please please help us out by allowing us to make generic HTTP requests via an Integration Service connection.

If I could use the well designed activities to do the stuff that isn’t buggy, but also fall back to a regular HTTP request where I can make it a POST, DELETE, PATCH, PUT etc as I need then I could just rely on the integration service to manage my connection (which it does really well) and not need to rely on it to actually do the API calls (which is does really poorly).

This is not limited to the ServiceNow integration. All the integrations I have tried have issues, I tried with the Zendesk one and also had alot of issues with buggy activities and things not working and this is absolutey an issue with the integrations, not me.

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Fully agree, I am experiencing a similar issue with the Salesforce Integration Services. Building the request manually using the Application Scope allows me to retrieve an Account ID using other datapoints like Address, Phone Number and Email, which is great.

However, while using the IS activities, a default setting restricts the Get Record activity - which is designed in such a way that it should be customizable to retrieve any datapoint - to input an Account ID. Therefore I am not able to use this activity as with the manual request to retrieve the Account ID, which is quite annoying.

Most preferably, each IS package should contain a fully customizable request that makes it possible to change the direction of any of the datapoint arguments so that you can actually build a customizable request.

Please consider this, because the IS connection works great!