Inputting dynamic parameters in a custom connector for Integration Service

I have built a custom connector for the Xero API using Postman and after connecting I can make requests. The issue is that some requests require headers or body content, which is fine to do in the connector builder by hardcoding the values in the parameter tab. However, in Studio I am unable to set the values for these parameters and so I can only make requests that don’t require any custom parameters. Even leaving the values hardcoded in the connector builder doesn’t work when making the call from Studio.

Is there a way to set these values from Studio?

Hi @Publoz20

May I know what issue are you facing or the error that you are getting.

Ideally we should be able to set the parameters and pass variables to them to make the bpdy dynamic



I can’t see any options in Studio to pass that parameter into the activity

I.e how does one set this value dynamically from Studio?

Hi @Publoz20

I hope you are trying to use http request to send the requests…in the properties you will see option called parameters which can be given and used in your body …those parameters can be linked to variables in your flow

Please check the configuration part in this doc to know about parameters in body

If ypu can send the flow screenshots that would help understand your issue


Hi Anil

I know how to use HTTP Requests to do API calls but I want to use UIPath’s Integration Service to make the process more efficient. Is there a way to input parameters into my List All Records activity?