Creating more generic Custom Connector in Integrated Service

Hi Team,

I want to create a custom connector for Decisions application. Requirement is that - I want to make the method (like get/post), endpoint and body parameters in the connector more generic.
So that, a user can use the same connector and call any API in Decisions application by providing the required information; (method, endpoint and Json body).

Is this possible with the current version of Integrated Service - Custom Connector.
Any update is appreciated.

Hi @Ankit9510

Have you tried using http request activity


Hi @Ankit9510

Can you try this-

  1. Define the necessary input parameters: Create input parameters for the method (GET/POST) and endpoint. You can use the appropriate data types for these parameters.

  2. Allow JSON body as a dynamic property: Create a dynamic property for the JSON body parameter. Dynamic properties allow users to provide values at runtime.

  3. Configure the HTTP request: Use the input parameters and dynamic property values to construct the HTTP request within the custom connector. You can use string interpolation or concatenation to build the request URL and include the JSON body in the request payload.

  4. Define output properties or variables to capture the response from the Decisions application API. This can include properties like response status code, response body, or any other relevant information.