Generating test report once the test execution is completed

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This might be the old topic but i find no concrete solution for the problem statement hence want to reiterate with the solution i tried.

I am utilizing UIPATH purely for the test automation, to automate all the use cases for my application in any given environments

Below is the scenario:
I have list of test cases which i can execute through orchestrator → folder → Testing → Execute test cases.I can run test cases(1 or many) on demand or through test set or through schedule.Once the run completes i should have the results with status as PASS/FAIL against each test case which i utilize to send the mail to the recipients once the execution completes.

Problem statement:

  • Once the execution complete there is no xml file generated which contains result about that particular run

Possible solution:

  1. TestExecution swagger API : which contains the information about all the execution.Through this i can extract the information about pass/faill and construct the HTML which i’ll attach as a body while sending the mail.Unique problem in this approach - how to identify the test cases of my current run
    2)At the end of each test case i can log the result in a separate excel file

But the problem in both the approach is that i don’t know whether the current executing test case is the first one in the test set i am triggering which is important to wipe out the old result and start fresh.

Example - I am triggering TC1 and TC2 on demand

My logic should understand this has two test cases and while executing the first test case it should wipe out the old log and start a new one and while executing the second one it should know that it is the second TC in the queue so that it will only append and not wiping out the first result.

Hope it clear, please let me know how to solve this problem and what is the feasible solution.Also any other way to achieve this in a simpler way for example Test Report Generator for UiPath Test Report Generator for UiPath - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
I can find this in the marketplace but it is developed on windows-legacy and not on windows.

Appreciate your response.


Hi Raja,

I am sorry I cannot help you with the problem - if you find a solution, please share it here.

I have a question I hope you can help me with - I also want to use UiPath only for testing, but I am very unsure about what type of license to buy - can you tell me what license type you have - both for studio and orchestrator.

I would greatly appreciate your help!


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Hi, I am currently having enterprise trail edition. As for as i know difference between community(free version) vs enterprise(paid version) is the addition of test manager in enterprise.Test Manager is specially to manage all test related activities from the requirement creation till the reports.In both the version what is see a big miss is the CI/CD part for test automation.For example in other test automation frameworks like testng and nunit, the testresult.xml is automatially generated which is very useful for the report generation.I know in uipath it is possible through custom activity but no help yet.

Hello @raja.raviraj
Have you checked in the Test manager?


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thanks for your response @Rahul_Unnikrishnan , yes this gives the test results. But my requirement is to send the report through mail once the run completes. Yes we can access the same info through testexecution swagger API but there is no way to identify how many and what are the test cases are available in your current run.

Hope my problem statement is clear