UAT with UiPath Test Suite

How are you incorporating UAT and storing UAT results for future reference?

My understanding is to build test case components and link your automated test cases from Studio Pro with Test Manager.

In Test Manager, Under your requirement section, create test case requirements and build regression suite to execute further.

Suppose you want to extract results after one year. Is it possible to check those executed test results in Test Manager?

My assumption is that it is not poosible.

Can you give more details about what you want to do?

@dylanbar : We want to run test cases in UAT and keep those test results for future reference using Test Suite.

I can think of 2 options on how to achieve this:

Create custom reports by connecting to TestManager’s interfaces:

Create some components to generate a test execution report (eg excel, html). You can use them together with testing and execution templates and store them in your prefered archiving system.



Your idea is regarding audits?

Test Execution report would be a good idea regarding loging in a bigger time frame.

Structure could be for test set:
Name | Date | Duration | Passed | Failed | Status

Hi @anob : Yes, it is regarding audits.

We are actually using excel templates to store test case results and get UAT sign off from stakeholders. E2E execution of automated test cases is still going on with Test Manager automation execution.

@anob : are you referring test results section in test manager or advising me to create tracker with provided headers. Please suggest.

@Sonalk: I thought about a tracker to create individual reports