Is there any way to enhance automation result log?

How can I see more elaborated test execution result? Or is there any configuration required from my end? Becomes difficult to identify exact location where my script is failing.

If I consider UiPath in automating my test case, I need to have a descriptive log. eg- Step by step result(Passed or Failed), screen shot of the page which test script is going through.
This will help me in identifying exact location of my test script getting failed.
I’m comparing with other automation tools in market where I can see elaborated test result in PDF/HTML/Doc etc format.

Go to the execute tab, and there will be an icon with an open folder called open logs. This will open a directory that contains .txt files that document every step that uipath took and contains verbose error messages. The only downside is it’s kind of a pain to read, but it’s all there.

Thanks…!! Yes, its complicated to read it.
But this is not what I wanted. This is what I’m expecting from UiPath to work on and bring out a good solution.

Can you describe in more detail what information you’d expect to have?
Do note that making automatic screenshots would also mean that you’d store data that possibly shouldn’t be stored (due to security reasons), but there’s nothing stopping you from adding a TakeScreenshot->SaveImage in your Catch blocks if that’s what you want.

I also need:

Run results report which will give in detail information like Step by step:

This is how we need a Results Report should get generated So that we can figure out where exactly it is failed. Please give instructions on this , It will be very helpful