Generate Yearly Report


These are the steps need to be done?
1)login to ACME system
2)get the WIID list of type W14 and status open
3)get taxid of W14
4)download all monthly report of year 2016 of that particular taxid
5)merge all monthly csv file to (Yearly-Report-2016-Taxid)->format
6)upload yearly report which in .xlsx
7)get unique id add in comment section with comment(Uploaded with ID XXXX)
8)change the status to complete.

note:Is this file should be in REFrramework


Hello there,

Quote : ovi

“You don’t have to use the REFramework, it’s not mandatory. If you have your own solution and it works you can submit.”


The steps mentioned above are correct ?


i have followed all the steps in pdf and tried manually as well but no luck i am getting 0/100 :frowning:


did you follow the troubleshooting steps .


yes i followed


oh nothing :frowning: .Hope @ovi help you on this.


hi everyone,

i have no idea how to do this step merge all monthly csv file to (Yearly-Report-2016-Taxid)->format

can anyone guide me on this because i am stuck in this step :frowning:


Hi @ghazanfar,

Firstly use “Read CSV”
Then use" merge data table"


thanks Chinh_Le .

when i am using merge data table it gives me that error. screenshot is attached.

i initialize read range with dt and merge datatable with dtout.


and when i set dt in destination and dt in source in the properties section of merge data table and then use write csv activity it only prints one row :frowning: not all the rows of all sheets


Hi @ghazanfar,

I upload an example for you. U should enter 2 paths of 2 files csv and test it
Main.xaml (6.3 KB)


Thanks Chinh Le i got your pointdatatable.xaml (15.5 KB)
. but the thing is when i use merge datatable in foreach loop it only prints 1 row in excel file.

i have 2 sheets and there is one row each in individual sheet ok.

when i merge them in foreach loop it only copy data of 1 sheet not the other.

i am attaching my sample file.


yellow highlighted row is row in output file. but there should be two rows in output file because there is one record in each file that mean total 2 records.


Hi @ghazanfar,

This is my merge file in yearly report MergeFile.xaml (10.0 KB)

I hope can help u more, but I’m busy



I have done ui path assignment 2 .

but when i start running it. it works slowly sometimes it completes 3 employee records or some time it stuck in 1st record with error selector not found . i think main issue is its slowness . any sugestion regarding this?


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