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I am doing the Generate Yearly Report Assignment (in Level3 Advance Training ). I noticed that monthly report files (that I need to merge) do not have the same structure: The Date column placement is whether in the middle or at the end. Is this normal ? as they do not say anything about it in the Walkthrough…

Thanks for the help

Hi @asafi

Is it throwing an error when you attempt to combine them? If so could you post a screenshot of it?


No it is not throwing an error.
I am getting all data in one column, instead of multiple columns, inside the Yearly-Report file after the merge .
I followed the below (requested) steps, but final file is not corretcly formated.

  1. The Monthly report files are saved in csv format
  2. Read CSV file into Datatable
  3. Merge DataTables


Can you post a screenshot of your ‘Merge DataTable’ activity properties?

Sure, but the problem dores not come from this . The issue is related to System1 ACME Monthly Report files. They do not all have the same structure… I will post you an example as well

  1. screenshot of your ‘Merge DataTable’ activity properties:

  2. Monthly report file from Jan and September

Does it affect the output yearly report?

I am getting one column with no header (if “includeColumnName” is unchecked for Read CSV file)

if this property is checked , I am getting the below file

I do not know what results are expected for the assignment. Unless the structure of data is not important!

Thanks again for your help

I don’t think the format of the output is to be worried for this assignment. You could try uploading it once and seeing if it passes, if not you would have at least 3 tries total to get it right.

OK. I will try and see
Thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem, let me know if it gives you errors.

Good luck!