Generate Yearly Report Performer using chrome browser

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Currently i’m doing Academy advance certification assignment 2. Generate yearly report for vendor Performer. In walk through file they had used IE but i have working in chrome. Assignment 1 and Assignment 2. Dispatcher were done with chrome. But this time i’m unable to move further due below steps. I had changed the chrome settings and tried but getting an error on “click ok” button for no reports, some times selecting months and years. kindly advise how to proceed further.

Re Select the selectors and try

Hi I’m unable to login the ACME system1 in IE.

Check the selectors!

So you did Dispatcher in chrome and want to do Performer in IE??

Hi Thanks for your reply. No i want to continue with Chrome. But unable to use the above mentioned steps.

Dispatcher completed in chrome and its working fine. While doing Performer, Downloading the monthly reports steps, facing an issue. Below steps are not available in chrome. please advise.

Sure, Got you point
1st go to Chrome setting and Click Advanced and then go to download section and toggle on Ask par as per screenshot below, and then you have to change selectors and test

Above changes was already done but i’m getting an error in click the pop up ok button when report is not available. I had changed the selector and tried but it’s not click the ok.

Can you send me your selectors , which you used in Element Exist to find the No Report found message.

I suggest you to use attach window to pop up message and inside the attach window use element exist you will get an boolean variable, then use if to check if its true or not .
If its true then use click activity.

try this, its just a concept, hope it will help.

_test.xaml (11.5 KB)


For the “No report found …” pop up to disappear … please use a Send HotKey “Esc”.

The pop up disappears on Escape.

Also after ElementExists please use an If activity to check if the Element Exists (the popup) - If block: Add activity for Send Hotkey - Esc.Else block - Add the sequence for saving the report.

Hi, I had used above steps but some times it also not working, and while saving the file, the file path was not keyed automatically. when click the save option manually and checked the temp file there is no data. For your reference i have enclosed my xaml file. kindly review and advise.System1_Create_YearlyReport.xaml (21.7 KB)

Hey @BaskaranVenkatesan I am also. facing same problem I can be able to select months and year but when clicked download report it says no report , like this I got no reports of all taxid
Can you tell me how you resolved the issue I tried a lot

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Uipath generate yearly report assignment (advance development) why score is 0 everything are fine. As per the instruction everything are fine. All processed from queue & completed. I have submitted more than 10 times, but no luck.

Anyone have faced the same issue and resolved ultimately?

Could you please let me know , what I am doing wrong or how to know, why is the issue? Any clue?

In PDD doc year mentioned as 2017. Should I use that or 2019?