Academy2 Generate Yearly Report download issue

Hi, i have small issue with Academy2. Im trying to make Yearly Report performer, but when robot clicks to download link on, the error page is shown. Yesterday download button was working just fine. Does anyone have a similar problem? Is this server side issue?
I am using: IE for automation
I tried download page on chrome, and everything works fine.

Thanks for yours answers :slight_smile:


I am facing the same issue. Could someone from UiPath help us???


I am trying to create the workflow for downloading the yearly reports, but when I enter values that should provide a report, the ACME website produces the following error:

Is it working for someone else?

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Dimitrios Ntakoulas

I have just seen that others have the same problem here:

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@ovi - could you comment if this is intentional behaviour of the site or is it just overloaded etc.?

Solved, just click User Options → Reset Test Data and download link will work.


Thanks, just tried and it now works like a charm :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s intentional. In Chrome it downloads the Excel file containing the text:“404[routes]”. The Academy team offered the workaround provided by @Strajk also. Still investigating.


after i uploaded the yearly report am getting Confirmation bad instead of uploaded ID any idea regarding this issue…??

Were you able to find any solution for this error?

Solved, just click User Options → Reset Test Data .
It will work.