What Internet Browser to use for Generate Yearly Report?


This is a bit of a silly question regarding the Performer Process on the Generate Yearly Report.

When attempting to generate the Monthly Report, the instructions PDF asks for the ‘Save As’ button, which is a feature in IE. I have been using Chrome for all of the Process in the Performer AND Dispatcher, and the Save As option isn’t available on Chrome.


Do I need to go and change all my browsers? Or is there a way of continuing on Chrome?

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All Academy’s levels from 1-3 are made to work with IE (in terms of compatibility).

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You can use any browser @william.coulson not a problem but the process has to be clean and should work fine. No need to use IE in particular, whatever browser are comfortable with , you can use that.

One more thing is, in IE we can easily capture the ID from the pop up whereas in chrome it is a bit difficult, no worries, we have lot of topics available for the same :smiley:


You can go with chrome browser with different options .there is no problem.
But I recommend to IE because alert box would work better in IE browser compare to Chrome


I’ve worked around it now, I’ve continued using Chrome and altered some of the settings for it, thank you all for your help!


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