Generate Yearly Report Error getting transaction Data

Hi everyone
I 'v got some issue to perform the Performer processus.
It seem that the robot called is not the good one… see the print…

can you help me with the content of GetTransactionData?

Thanks a lot

Hi @lionel31

Could you post screenshots of your GetTransactionData workflow and the imports?

Hi nlee1131
I try differents things…
so first screenshot :


as you can see I have no idea of the activities for GetTransactionData nothing in the walkthrought

ca you give me an idea to follow?


Is It a good idea Get queues items: Operation returned an invalid status code 'InternalServerError ?

Just wondering, why did you comment out the ‘Get Transaction Item’ activity?

Because It don’t return any input :slight_smile:

Could you confirm that the activity is configured like this:

And also confirm that the queue name in your config file matches the queue in Orchestrator?

Yes exactly

but after ?