Generate Yearly Report - No more transaction data


I’m working on assignment 2 - Generate Yearly Report, however, I’m having issues in getting transaction data for my dispatcher.

I’m getting this log message despite even though I have not extracted the work items yet.


Here is my sequence for getTransactionData

The issue might be in my selector for the element exists activity, hence it’s returning Nothing.


Here is my current workfile (507.5 KB)

Hi ,

did you push the data to orchestrator as it fetches the transaction data from orchestrator queue


I haven’t pushed the work items to Orchestrator yet as this is the dispatcher.

In my process work items sequence, I have placed the upload queue items activity.

However, my issue is in the getTransaction sequence , itdoes not detect any work items.

Have you checked the value of Nextpageexist
And also checked in_transactionnumber value
Is it true or false?


Run projects with debug mode to find exact error



Thanks, I was able to solve it. Turned out to be an error on the selector on the element exists activity. That’s why it’s always returning false

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Hello could you help me with the solution because I have the same error, how is the selector? Thank you

what is the solution?