Performer GetTransactionData outtransactionItem


I work on the generateYearlyReport

I have finish the dispatcher and it s seem ok

But in the performer I m not sure of the content of activities in gettransactiondata
I have a condition if nextpageExist and have a assign activity outTransactionItem … what is the variable and his type?

thanks for your help

Hi @lionel31
You need to provide input of transaction item parsed to string. This should help:

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Thanks Pablito;
I have always try this but I have an error :
"cannot assign from type ‘system.Stringw’ to type ‘uipath.core.queueItem’ in Assign activity "

Seems that type of your arguments are wrong. These should be:

Ok so what is the output for gettransactionItem?

Please check instruction more carefully:

Ok thank you

I did it before … and test after different things…

so ok but now
I m not sure about the activities In GetTransactionData

I have in the output “Process finished due to no more transaction dataProcessing Transaction Number”

and I have no transactions in my queue item
last week it run ok but not now…

what can I checked?

Workflow looks fine. You need to remember that GetTransactionData.xaml is only gathering data. For pushing correct Work Items to Orchestrator the ProcessTransaction is responsible.

Pablito The processTransaction in dispatcher?
if I have no data in Orchestrator what could be the cause?

Oh, sorry for my mistake.
I meant Process.xaml. There is activity: image which is responsible to push data into Orchestrator Queue based on the input from other workflows.

Ok thanks I m ok with that
I have to review all the process to find out why it does not work anymore…
and I have made no change

Just simple thought went through my mind. If you have already process the queue items before, maybe try to reset work items in acme website and try with fresh one?

I do this before,
I have just a bug in dispatcher…

I have an error in the output

This is my editor for onElement appear
“<webctrl aaname=’”+in_TransactionItem+"’ tag=‘span’ class='page-numbers current/>"
I don’t understand why

I think you are indicating wrong element. I have this selector:

"<webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"' tag='A' />"

But I’m using Element Exist activity.

It s change nothing

Im using what is precised in the walkthrought :
In the walkthrought

Please read carefully.
On Element Appear there must be table scrape indicated, not current page link.

SO it 's Ok
And the print screen in the Walkthrought is an error…

And the queue in Orchestator is full

but when I run Performer I have get an error getting transaction data for transaction number…

Please try to use debugger and check in which activity the problem occurs.