Generate Yearly Report - Datetime problems

I reached the place in the assignment where i have to input the necessery data (Tax ID, month and year) to download the report for that specific person.

But before that i have extracted the TaxID and the date.

Now the question → how do i “convert” the month of the date “2018-03-30” to a string of the month (March)?

NOTE: i have a variable array of the months in strings (januar, februar etc.)


why do you need to scrap date, it is not necessary, you just month name to save your report…

What do you mean exactly?

I think you have misunderstood the requirement.
The enumeration variable that you have for all the months is for generating the Monthly report.
The date that you mentioned here is not required for uploading the reports.

Please go through the document once again to be more clear.

So i have to UPLOAD a yearly report and then DOWNLOAD monthly report?

This is very very confusing.

:slight_smile: actually its simple. Just that you dont skip any line in the doc that you are following.

So what is required is:

  1. For each month download the monthly report(if its available) for a WIID in the Download Monthly Report page
  2. Then you are merging them into a yearly report for that WIID.
  3. Then you are uploading the yearly report to Upload Yearly Report page.

This repeats for each WIID.

Makes sense.

Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: