Generate Yearly report assignment 2

Hi friends
I need your advice on how to get the hash code from the pop window on uploading the reports.
@singhonkar tried your solution(inner text ) but somehow it throws same error as orignal(used name from get Attribute).

PFA and (99.9 KB)


Sorry, my suggestion didn’t work for you. Please find the below screenshots and try to replicate the same in your solution.

Please update the selector part carefully as shown in these screenshots. Let me know if you still faces any issues.

thanks …lemme just try this one

@singhonkarStill nor working getting error
Get Full Text ‘HTML https://acme-test…’: The selector is not valid

please suggest


I went through your code and would like to highlight that you haven’t used REFramework properly. This may lead to fail while UiPath evaluating your assignment.

Please find the attached GetUploadID file, replace this file with yours and do a dry run. Let me know if it works for you…
GetUploadID.xaml (8.7 KB)

Attach window activity would solve your issue easily

@Harshad_Jadhav Sorry that didn’t work…error is

Get full text ‘text Report’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@singhonkar Thanks for your concern about use of RE framework…but to be honest I am not comfortable working in it…still working on it…I am pretty new into programming.
I tried using GetUploadID.xaml that you shared but the selectors are not getting validated for both GetFullText and Click…

GetUploadID.xaml (10.1 KB)


The selectors which i’ve share in screenshots are correct and working fine for me. How did you put the selectors in your file like have you got these selectors with UiExplorer or manually typed .

I’m wondering because it’s working for me not for you. Can you please let me know.

@singhonkar I was not getting the same selector with UIexplorer so I typed and tried to validate but it wasn’t getting validated…

Typing manually a selector won’t work. You’ve to get it using UiExplorer. I suggest you to please watch selectors video once to gain depth knowledge as this is a very crucial topic for web automation.

Let me know if you need any further assistance

@singhonkar your feedback was very helpful Sir…Was able to fix the selector and the program executed successfully.
Also please suggest how should I prepare for the final test as I am not sure about the practical part and m also weak in RE framework.
Please share some tips on preparing for final test …also is the final test practical question same for every one so that I can prepare in advance …
thanks in advance


Please go through UiPath Foundation course and Advanced training course. Every topic is covered in depth and you’ll develop good skills for RPA. If you face any kind of issues or clarifications, you’ll get definitely help from community forum.

If the above solution works for you, you can close this thread and mark it as solution, it’ll help others too.


thanks …Will surely do that

Thats not quite right, you can type them manually, you have to use quotation-marks (and avoid linefeed)

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