Full Web page (scrolling) snapshot already opened in IE

I have a webpage already opened via ‘Open Browser’ activity. I am moving to some other hyperlinks in that webpage and afterwards i need to take snapshots. The webpage are lengthy and these have horizontal as well as vertical scroll.
I know that there is one custom activity shared that takes snapshot by taking input parameter as URL. But that does not suffice my need.
I want to have the full snapshot of already active web session in Internet explorer.

Let me know if any details are required.

Hi @Shamee_Ansari

Have you done data scrapping

Ashwin S

I don’t need to do data scrapping. I want to capture complete webpage snapshot (scrolling snapshot) without any extension i.e. by using custom activity or in built UiPath libraries.

Then why don’t you reduce the size of the web page and then take the screenshot @Shamee_Ansari? I don’t think this will solve your issue, but just a suggestion

@HareeshMR Nice try. But if reduce the size, then the purpose of snapshot will be defeated as it will not be easily readable. Also the package will be running on different client machines, so i don’t want to adjust the size manually.
The custom activity provided by @vvaidya under (https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/uipath/original/3X/0/5/0598078d359e98bc5890eff9a40c9ab2d305761b.nupkg) does the snapshot job properly, but it takes the input argument as URL only and instantiates a new window.

I want to take snapshot same way but for already opened window (i.e. opened via open browser activity).

As you are passing the URL for open browser activity , you can pass the same to the another activity also right? @Shamee_Ansari

Or else you can send a hot key like F6 which will select the browser URL and copy that, then use it in the activity

i tried it. But it is not doing the way as desired. When i browse my URL manually by copy pasting into the IE window. It opens perfectly fine. But when i tried to pass the same URL with this activity, then it is redirected to HomePage. so it is not fulfilling my need by passing URL.

Would following be an option:

  • print the page into a pdf/image
  • making use of an addon like fireshot for IE

@ppr- i mentioned it that i do not want to use add-on or plugin. The print option is not worthy as it distorted away all the web page layout.
i am hoping to get any custom activity which detects the already opened IE window and then takes the full webpage snapshot.

Any solution from anyone???

Is there any way to get full web page screenshot opened in IE browser?
Thanks in advance.

I have not got any solution yet. However if you can use chrome browser then there are many free plug-ins to perform this job.
Hope that helps.

Thanks @Shamee_Ansari, but my application supported by/runs in IE