Freeze top row in excel

I’m trying to automate my report by freezing the top rows on all the sheets in my report. Has anyone figured out how to do this using StudioX?


We have a custom component for studio but not yet for studioX
Can this be used in studioX

But we can still open the file and do this hot keys


Use Type into where On type into activity, press the + sign and choose text bulder. Once open press again the + sign and you will have all the hot keys there.

Cheers @ldavis

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give a try on sending a series of hot keys to excel
kindly note hot keys are depending on the language settings from your excel


so check this when manualy send alt to excel and type in the suggested letters

so will not work on a german system as we would use Alt f p o
Also set some delay between typing the letters

Hi @Palaniyappan(Thambi) ,

Yes. You can use it in the UiPath StudioX.

Thank you

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Super na @balupad14

@ldavis give a try with this component


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Thank you both so much! The keyboard shortcut seems a little difficult since you need to add that into an application (as opposed to an excel file). I cant get it to work.

@balupad14 - Im excited to try out your Excel Packages! For some reason, when I select “Freeze row” or any of your activities, it looks like this below. There arent any options for what rows to freeze. Maybe I am doing something wrong??


Please let me know. And thank you in advance for your continued help :slight_smile:

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Hi @ldavis ,

Here I have attached a sample for you. (65.0 KB)