Foundation Training 2018.3


I’m doing the 2018.3 Foundation training because for some reason my foundation training now appears to be inactive (that’s fine I’m happy to redo the training as it’s been updated)

In Lesson 1 documentation there is a link to

If I click on this link I get the following screen

This unavailability of the page means that the link doesn’t become ‘viewed’ and so you can’t move forward from this section.

Any ideas on fixing this please.

Hi @charliefik

This may be the updated documentation for that one:

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Thanks Despi for the new link.

My main problem is that the link in the training page remains unactivated so the course won’t let me proceed because the page was unavailable.

Someone is going to have to put the correct link in the training materials or no-one will be able to proceed further in the foundation course. Unless this is somehow me specific.

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Actually the lock disappears when you click on it so it’s not so urgent and Despi has supplied the new link so no worries, sorry!

None of the locks seem to actually lock the proceeding lessons for me so I’m not sure if they’ve been disabled because of this problem or if they are unlocked because I’ve already completed a previous version of the course.

My point is that maybe for someone who has never done the course before it may be an issue I’ll leave it in your hands because I can’t tell.