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Daily Forum Report | 24 February 2021

Top 3 Topics with Most Views

Document Understanding : How to Extract Invoice Fields not Supported by Builtin ML Model made by @Tooba_Faroki with 57 views.

AIFabric_Demo made by @Varun_Dharni with 34 views.

Copy sheet error UIPath made by @AhmedKutraphali with 32 views.

Top 3 Topics with Most Replies

AIFabric_Demo made by @Varun_Dharni with 26 replies.

Unable to get credentials from orchestrator made by @Reuben_Kekana with 19 replies.

Resetting Excel Sheet to blank page at the end of each for loop made by @seongchan_cho with 18 replies.

Top 3 Users Who Posted The Most

@Srini84 made 25 posts!

@Varun_Dharni made 24 posts!

@Cristian_Negulescu made 19 posts!

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