Formula in excel with double quote

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I am trying to write below given formula in ui path
“=WORKDAY(EOMONTH(”+CurrentMonth +"-" +CurrentYear +", -1), 3)"

Here in the above formula I have used to variables CurrentMonth and CurrentYear to get 3rd business day of month.

Actual formula I have to write in excel is =WORKDAY(EOMONTH("October - 2020 ", -1), 3)
In Actual formula Month and Year should mention inside “” quotes.

Can anyone help me for this, to write “” double quote in formula

You need two double quotes inside a string to get a single double quote.

"=WORKDAY(EOMONTH("""+CurrentMonth +"-" +CurrentYear +""", -1), 3)"

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String format method can make it more easy in such scenarios:
String.Format("=WORKDAY(EOMONTH(""{0}-{1}"", -1), 3)",CurrentMonth,CurrentYear)

Thank you.
It worked

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