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Hello to the document understanding team,

I have been avidly using the Forms AI feature to train and label structured documents. Forms AI is a very impressive tool for document labelling and easily picks up label values & their location after only a few documents labelled.

In my most recent experience, I am labelling a structured document type with 100+ regular and column fields and 30 rows per column field, following are some user experience and document understanding improvements suggested, as follows:

  1. Classification capabilities

The forms AI model currently only provides regular and column fields, to extract classification fields we would need to combine with another forms extractor. Adding classification field feature would be helpful to reduce adding more extractors to an automation and enhance user experience.

  1. Allow columns fields to be added into tables

Documents containing multiple tables can only be assigned to one table ( this is applicable to the data labelling session as well), Enabling column fields to be added to multiple tables in data extraction scope would help resolve this issue.

  1. Dynamic UX on regular and column field values- allow drag and drop features.

As I mentioned earlier, I was labelling more than 100 fields for my recent automation. When you delete one regular or column field, your newly added field gets added to the last row or column of the specific field. Adding a UX feature to drag and drop fields to wherever they need to be (just like how we can drag and drop the location when defining in taxonomy) would enhance user experience.

  1. Freeze the top row of the column table

Freezing the top row is also another great idea that can be applied cross functionally to the data labelling session as well. I noticed this as I had to label around 30 rows and with 100 fields I had to continuously scroll up and down to find the field location.

  1. Max 20 but that includes deleted documents as well

Forms AI has a max dataset size of 20 documents, however, this collective number includes deleted documents too. When I deleted around 10 of my 20 documents I was not able to add any more documents as the total number of documents in the dataset was 20-including deleted documents.

Overall, Forms AI been incremental in easily labelling structured documents, myself and the developers at the UiPath community would love to see more user experience enabled features in the future.

Thank you!

@Vibhor.Shrivastava @Monica_Secelean @cristina.vidu @Liji @marian.platonov

Hi @sharon.palawandram thanks for reaching out.

It is very interesting, we were just debating internally a spec for addressing exactly these issues 1, 2 and 5 targeting 23.10 release. For 3 and 4 these are lower hanging fruit which we should do soon no matter what. Thank you for confirming we are on the right track with our plans for the rest of 2023.


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Thank you for your feedback Alex, this is very exciting news and I look forward to see them in the 23.10 release.

Best of luck and keep up the wonderful work done to you and everyone at the UiPath document understanding team!

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