Formatting value in cell


I need to format the value in cell in whole column in excel. I do not really know how to do this.
In the report I get, the type is custom and for example 250,000.000% . After formatting I want it to be number and value of 2500.00 .

I am reading the whole column. Then I am looping this DT and reading each cell. This is the step when I am stuck, because I do not know how to format this.

Thanks fo help

So you want to remove extra 0?

I want format to be changed to number and I think that are 2 zeros

Hello @tftlover

You can use Format cells activity or format value activity.

How to use Format Value activity in UiPath to format Date, Number, Currency & Percentage ?| UiPath

Thanks, so it is weird but it looks like the value changes but the format of cell stays as percantage so nothing is changed. I would need to change format in excel cell rather than changing format of variable.

Hello @tftlover ,

Have a look at the below link, this may help you to format the excel cell. (you may need to change the format as per your need here)


Hi @tftlover

Go to Manage package → Install Balareva.Excel.Activities

Have a look on the Video


dt.asenumerable.Tolist.Foreach(Sub(r) r(“ColumnName”)=r(“Columnname”).Tostring.split("."c).toarray(0).tostring)

Hello @tftlover

If you are writing some data in excel, suggesting to keep a formatted excel. Each cell can be formatted based on your requirement. Then try to write to that excel.

It will keep the format as per your requirement.


it works great but I have another quesiton. there is option to change format of one cell, once I have 1000 to change and I am looping through it, changing and saving file each time it lasts really long. Is there an option to change format of wider range?

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