Using Format Value activity with variable as default

Hi there,
I read a lot, but still have no Clou to solve my Problem.
I found something interresting here

Works fine with this given Default number.
I have the Problem, that I want to get a value from to different sources to the same Format. first out of Excel and later out of SAP.

My Problem is, when I run the Programm, the Content of the variable seems empty

in the MessageBox bevor the Format Value activity the Output of the variable is correct…

Hi @Braunbeck

what are the values will vb1 and vb2 contain?

I think i don´t get ur question.

from Excel for example 77746,1. and from SAP 77.746,100

Ok, which format your expecting @Braunbeck


simply use assign activities to assign vb1 and vb2 to format 1 and format 2 variables.


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